Wednesday, October 6, 2010

PRECINCT - Thursday October 7th -11pm

Doors open at 7pm and we will be playing with:

- 8pm - The Wind-up
- 9pm - SPR
- 10pm - Southern Lust Club
- 11pm - sadbastardgoespop

For more information on the venue, please check:
Precinct Bar
70 Union Sq
Somerville, MA 02143
(617) 623-9211

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Precinct - October 7th

Precinct Bar
70 Union Sq, Somerville

The Self-Proclaimed Rockstars
Southern Lust Club

Friday, September 3, 2010

Special Hurricane Show – Tonight!

Cantab Lounge
738 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA
September 3 - TONIGHT - 8PM

Monday, May 10, 2010

Oliver's/Cask'n Flagon

Come check us out Friday, June 25th at Oliver's/Cask'n Flagon. 62 Brookline Avenue, Boston. We will be going on first at 8:50.
Oliver's/Cask'n Flagon

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

T.T. the Bear’s Place - April 2

Come on out to TT's on April 2nd, we will be going on first at 8:50.

Check out the details HERE.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Middle East - Friday, February 5th

Friday, February 5th, 8:50pm We go on first.
The Middle East
472 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston
(617) 864-EAST [3278]


Sticky Fuzz

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Holidays

We had a great 2009 and are very much excited for the New Year. Our shows in New Bedford were fantastic and we are looking forward to going back soon. Check out Not Right from one of our performances there.

Also; we will be playing January 15th at The Cantab Lounge, 738 Massachusetts Ave. (Central Square) Cambridge.

Hope to see you there!

Monday, October 5, 2009

We have received the first reviews of our new CD and are delighted; they are pasted below for your reading pleasure. We ALSO have another show coming up in Boston at Cask’n Flagon (62 Brookline Avenue, Boston 617 536-4840 ) on Friday, October 16th at 8:20. Don’t forget about our other shows coming up as well, here is a recap:
October 16 - Cask’n Flagon
October 24 - New Wave Cafe
November 14- New Wave Cafe
December 5- New Wave Café

The Noise – October
Weasel Shifter Records
10-song CD
Labeled on the bio/press page as modern rock for the discerning listener, I was skeptical. I threw the disc in as I merged onto Route 3 south, accelerating very quickly across three lanes to the fast lane. I didn’t cut anyone off, but I’m sure those back on the highway saw my cross-cut lane antics and thought, what an asshole. That’s why things suck. It’s all the fault of shitheads who drive like that. I was undeterred from these self-hating paranoid defeatist thoughts. This music stayed right with me and validated every moment. I liked that. I like the layout of the songs on this disc and I like the fact that the guys in the band say that one of their many strengths is that they all like each other. Isn’t that likable? I think we need to like more things in the world, even if there are assholes that drive across three lanes of a highway to get to where they’re going. (Mike Loce)

The Noise Board – Online Review
sadbastardgoespop - self titled

My first impression of this band was the cool design they have on the cover, simple yet effective in communicating that they want to be perceived as power pop perhaps....and it's repeated on the CD itself with even more vivid, as to the ROCK....! these guys do nice tight and compact power pop with a slight punk edge. I noticed they call it "indie rock" and "modern rock" in the press release. The closest I can compare them to is Husker Du mixed with Dire Straits, and I mean this in a very good way. They have their own unique take on thinigs but also fit in very well with the Boston/Rock/Garage scene soundwise.

Most of the songs on this album are about relationships, a little too heavy that way, but hey, they write what they know. I REALLY like how the CD is sequenced, each song stands alone but also adds to the flow...."Drinking Song" for instance is a slow punk blues tinged ballady with the best guitar solo on the album, it's about a guy drinking after a break up (and maybe about a guy drinking too much - they describe as 'sad bastard') followed by "shut" that is about the blame involved after a break up. And then the "black t shirt song" about fighting about blame after a break up. I guess. I'm on my third spin through this journey, it's short and compact, feels shorter than it is, which is GOOD sign in my book of a band that really jells around the songs.

They recommend a few songs for airplay, but not "Someone Who Care" which is my immediate favorite so far. "Best Regrets" isn't on that list either and is my favorite bit of writing on this album.

I added the track listings to gracenotes, and the artwork automatically loads if you have iTunes. (whatever that means in regards to automatic songlistings, hopefully that will work for y'all)

SadBastardGoesPop is Colin O'Day (main songwriter), Jimmy Rochelle, John Sullivan and Bernardo Aumond with Paul Lutts. recorded by the master Richard Marr at Galaxy Park.

I'd recommend - "someone who cares", "broken keys", "best regrets" (first three tracks) for radio, but really, ANY track here deserves airplay. (FrankD)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at the New Wave Cafe last month. We had a great time and look forward to going back. In fact, we had so much fun we are going back to play each of the next three months. We hope to see you at one of them.
October 24
November 14
December 5

New Wave Cafe
143 N Front St
New Bedford


We have our entire new album up on our myspace page at:

Check ‘em out!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at church, it was awesome seeing you and we had a great time. You can see a couple videos from that night here on Buds You Tube Page. There you can also find the debut of our new song “No Coincidence” at The Beachcomber in June. That’s not really the song title but apparently neither Bud nor I can remember it. We also greatly appreciate Dweezil having us on WMFO earlier this month.

Hope to see you at the New Wave Cafe in New Bedford Friday August 28th.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Thanks to everyone who came out to the Beachcomber show last month, we had a great time.We have finished uploading the rest of our songs from the new CD on our MySpace page at /sadbastardgoespop. Hope you enjoy them.
Our next show is on July 12th at Church in Boston on 69 Kilmarnock St.We will be playing with Coaster Thieves & Son Rising - Hope to see you there!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hello everyone

We have finally finished our CD and will be sure to have plenty of copies with us at our next show on Friday, June 26th at The Beachcomber on Wollaston Beach in Quincy. We are sad to report that John is unable to continue playing guitar with us, he will be missed. Bud Silveira has joined on to get us back on track. We hope to see you all soon.

Check back for posting of our new songs and show details and dates.

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